Vinebrook Homes Lease Agreement

„The detective showed me eight pages – each with about 40 addresses for the houses where this guy was,“ Maggard said. VineBrook Homes CEO Daniel Bathon travelled to Dayton last week to meet with the Maggard family and Police Chief Mark Lightner. „We have released our suppliers involved, we are working fully with the police and we are doing everything in our power to remedy the situation with our customers,“ Bathon said in a statement. VineBrook`s houses have changed all the castles in the Maggards` house, but the family says they won`t feel comfortable until an arrest is made. 28.03.2020 – April Miet-Update – Now more than ever, Vinebrook Homes is working to fulfill our mission of providing safe, functional and affordable housing for the markets in which we operate. We take great care of our communities, our people and our neighbourhoods, and we are committed to finding solutions that work for all of us together to keep people in their VineBrook homes. The last thing someone wants is to lose a safe place to call home. We understand the reason for the eviction moratoriums put in place to protect tenants during the crisis. We will fully comply with these rules, if any. It is important to note, however, that neither moratoriums nor any other legislation exist to ease rent obligations. The April rent is still due on April 1st according to your rental agreement.

We realize that many of our people, neighbours and communities are affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition to the support we mentioned earlier, we are also pleased that Vinebrook Homes now pays credit card transaction fees for those who wish to pay their rent by credit card. If you are a resident with financial difficulties who thinks you may not be able to pay for all of your assets as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, please let us know. We work together to help you as much as possible. Contact us here: In addition to the closure of our offices, we have also taken extra precautions to equip our field agents and those waiting for our homes with sanitiers, gloves and cleaning products. We also stopped all non-essential business trips, asked our employees who do not feel well to get quarantined. —————————————————————— The tenant, Jeff Maggard, said police were investigating the man`s connection to similar burglaries in Montgomery and Miami counties. . 16.03.2020 – COVID-19 Concerns – Concerns about COVID-19 are growing, so we want you to know that VineBrook is monitoring the situation globally and in our neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, the safety of our team members and residents is a top priority.

That`s why we`ve implemented different policies and procedures to ensure we are vigilant in protecting our community while providing the high level of quality service you expect from us. VineBrook Homes, formerly Huber Home Rentals, fired one of its subcontractors after their employee allegedly used the company`s main key to enter a residential rental home on Fishburg Road. Huber Heights Sgt. Charles Taylor confirmed that the department had hired a detective on the case, but could not give further details. The man who had gone into the house for maintenance work has not been charged and the investigation is ongoing. He would not reveal the name of the subcontractor or worker concerned. 2 bedroom house with fenced in the courtyard, comfortable porch fron a bright and fresh kitchen with appa…