Sampling Agreement

2. The INSPECTOR undertakes to carry out the sampling and to provide the client with a copy of the laboratory results. In such a situation, the rights holders of the design – usually the publisher and label of the artist whose work is used – could negotiate a sharing agreement in their favour, demand 100% of all royalties from the route or require it to be drawn. VII. Guarantees, Exemptions and Appeals A. The Content Provider warrants and represents that it owns all right, title and interest in and to the Property. B. The Content Provider represents, warrants and undertakes to have full right, power and power to enter into and grant the rights to this Agreement, without breaching any other agreements or obligations of any kind; and that the use of the property, as provided for in this Agreement, does not violate and does not violate the trademark, patents, copyrights, trade secrets or any other right of ownership, publicity or data protection of third parties, as well as the development, use, reproduction, sale, license and/or distribution of products licensed by Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. shall not violate the rights of any type or type of third party. C. receives notice of claims, claims or remedies or facts that would cause a reasonable person to consider that there is a breach of the warranties provided by the content provider, Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. has the right to withhold all payments due to the content provider under this agreement and deposit it in an interest trust account with a commercial bank; the appropriate amounts as security for the content provider`s obligations under this agreement, unless the content provider publishes other appropriate security rights for Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. After settlement of the claim, the amount of the trust, including accrued interest, will be distributed to the content provider after deduction of all amounts to be paid to Multimedia Intellectual Property Co.