Sample Gm Lease Agreement

If you return the vehicle at the end of the rental agreement, it must have the same equipment as the day you took it home. You can customize your vehicle with GM accessories. These can be installed before the acquisition of your new vehicle. Check with your sales representative or business manager. 1. Leasing: a contract under which the owner of the vehicle (lessor) authorises use by a customer (lessee) for an agreed period (duration). Can I buy my lease8 before the end of the lease agreement? The lease agreement we enter into for you with GMF is a concluded lease, which means that your sole responsibility is to pay for excess kilometres9 and excessive wear and tear (unless you have added the XS Wear Protection10) 12. When processing applicants for business leases, the owner of the contracting company/entity may be asked to sign the lease agreement. GM Financial will consider lease-purchase agreements under which an owner/contracting entity will be designated as a joint tenant for up to three (3) active lease agreements at any given time. In cases where a lessee wishes to expand its business with GM Financial beyond the threshold of three (3) active leasing agreements, the applicant must only meet (excluding the owner/procuring entity as a lessee) such authorisation requirements as GM Financial deems appropriate at the time of the application. This should be discussed with your accountant or financial advisor….