Property Under Licence Agreement

(k) do not keep a television in the residence without holding a television licence and obtain prior written consent from the residence manager or licensee and licensee: the purchaser has a personal right to use and occupy the property and is unable to enter into an assignment or sublease unless the express terms of the licence agreement permit. A contractual licence is the result of a contract under which the taker must provide a service or pay money in return for accommodation, but if the conditions for the creation of a lease are not met. The contract can be oral or written. It is very important to see exactly what was said or written in the agreement. In some cases, a contractual license could come from an Estoppel, i.e. if one party relied on the promises made by another to its detriment (and there can be no written agreement). For example, an Estoppel license is created when a life member is tempted to think that he or she will be able to stay in a new home for a long time and, on that basis, abandons his former tenant or former home or spends money on the new home. In such a situation, it would be unfair for the person to be deported in the short term (as would be the case if he were just a licensee). In this case, the courts may grant the occupier a long notice period. The courts will be flexible and will attempt to do justice based on the circumstances of each case.

[7] (j) it is in their best interest to purchase adequate insurance for their personal belongings kept in the dwelling or residence, while acknowledging that they are fully responsible for protecting and safeguarding their personal property from any risk of loss or deterioration; Therefore, even if your contract is called a lease (or license), this is not necessary conclusively. It is important to consider the whole agreement (not just the isolated terms) in determining the rights and interests that the parties wanted to create. 11.5 The licensee uses data processing systems outside the European Union. In concluding the agreement, the licensee agrees to the international transfer of personal data so that the licensee can keep it in these systems. The transfer of data does not infringe your rights or our obligations to the licensee under the Data Protection Act 1998. Under the agreement, Ms. Radich was granted the „unique and exclusive license and the privilege of providing the public with refreshment inputs… and continue to do business with a milk bar. In these circumstances, the court considers that content takes precedence over terminology, the courts that examine the actual nature of the agreement, not their language, to determine the actual intentions of the parties.

Tenant lawyers whose clients are late can no longer delay an eviction decision by up to six months. If their license customers do not cure their standard, customers will be subject to the peaceful evacuation of self-help from licensed premises quickly and easily.