Nutanix License Agreement

Customer support level is always by default at the lowest agreed contractual level. For example, if a customer has granted 90% of its licenses for production support and 10% of its licenses to Basic Support, Veeam offers only basic support. License per user account in all customer organizations. A licence is not required for: if it exists, the standard expiry date of the indeterminate licence is set at 10 years from the date of issuance and can be reissued at any time for the extended period, without further details of the licence being changed. Please open a license support ticket on the customer portal for such a request. Legacy-Instance licenses are recalculated on the basis of 1:1 compliance (z.B. 10 Standard Edition Instances correspond to 10 Veeam Universal licensing instances). In rental licenses, Instance represents the value in rental points for managed workloads. For all permanent licenses with soles, Veeam Backup – Replication and veeam ONE-Products, additional FREE licenses may be available for use – one instance per socket with a maximum of 6 gifted instances.

Only source hosts are licensed – hosts with VMs that back you up or replicate you. Destinations (for replication and migration orders) must not be licensed. Each node in the cluster configuration must be allowed. 1.1. Licensing. Subject to your compliance with this Agreement and the licenses granted to it, we license cloud Services for evaluation purposes („assessment software“) or, if applicable, for software specifically identified as alpha, beta, preversion, demonstration or preview software (only in the form of object code) or free software („No-Software“) and its documentation for your internal activities in ability or other license management systems. Fast access services and software are probably in development and may never be published in general. Important note: To obtain production support for combined licenses, the socket license must be performed at the support production level. This NAS license is only available to Veeam Backup Essentials VUL customers. Support – Maintenance is the level of production, linked to the Veeam Backup Essentials contract.