Jamaica Trade Agreements With Canada

On July 1, 2007, Canada and CARICOM began negotiations on the Canada-CARICOM Free Trade Agreement, a regional trade pact to expand trade between Canada and the Caribbean Economic Community. Seven rounds of negotiations took place, with the last formal round taking place in April 2014. Largest trade deficit in 2017: Other industrial goods of $107.4 million For other trade agreements/agreements, see the sections on CARICOM and the ACP/EU as well as the brochure on the following link: www.tradeboard.gov.jm/tblweb/documents/TradeAgreement.pdf The CARICOM-USA Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) was signed on May 28, 2013 and aims to strengthen economic relations between the United States and CARICOM countries and Trade and investment promotion. The U.S./CARICOM Trade and Investment Council (ICT) is established under this Agreement to facilitate discussions between CARICOM and the United States on trade and investment issues. See the text of the agreement on the link: ustr.gov/sites/default/files/US%20CARICOM%20TIFA%20US.pdf In addition, you can download each diagram in several formats by clicking on the „Download Image“ button at the top right of the graph. Before you download bar charts and diagrams with peeled dots, you can enable or disable datasets. Jamaica negotiates with Canada under the 1986 Caribbean-Canada Trade Agreement (CARIBCAN). CARIBCAN provides (non-reciprocal) duty-free access to the Canadian market for products with a few exceptions (textiles and clothing, leather goods, footwear, etc.) from all CARICOM countries except Suriname. .