Indirect Hire Agreement Japan

The uniqueness of employment contracts has sometimes created tensions between Japanese staff and U.S. supervisors. In May, for example, two Japanese employees of the AAFES Exchange filed complaints about a union at Kadena Air Base with the Defense Facilities Administration Bureau of Naha, a Japanese government agency and the legitimate employer of MLC/IHA. The women, a pregnant woman, said they became ill after their superiors rejected their requests to return home early. Kazato Adachi is the architect of an online manual for MLC and IHA personnel at Okinawa naval bases. The new manual aims to help U.S. leaders understand the unique employment system through the status of military agreements between the U.S. and Japanese governments. Japanese workers on U.S. military bases in Japan are hired under bilateral employment contracts, the Master Labor Contract (MLC) and the Indirect Hiring Agreement (IHA). The guide describes the employment, wages, social benefits and benefits of all workers under the plan. U.S. forces are deployed to Japan in accordance with the United States.

Security contract. „USFJ employees“ are collaborators recruited by the GOJ (Minister of Defense) to carry out the USFJ mission and work on the USFJ facilities. Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files (Portable Document Format). >> Download Adobe Reader „It`s easily accessible to all superiors,“ he says. Before the electronic version was published, he said, superiors regularly shut down his office in terms of managing Japanese employees. For Air Force supervisors, a similar guide was consulted at: About 25,000 USFJ employees are now working throughout Japan to support USFJ`s activities. Staff cover a wide range of positions required to operate USFJ facilities, from employees, technicians, firefighters and security guards, waiters, waitresses, cooks and salespeople. IHA positions are available for permanent residents of Japan who are not U.S.

citizens. The case is still being investigated by the agency, said Yuichi Oba, the union`s chief secretary, Zenchuros Zukeran-Zweig. MLC positions are open to permanent residents of Japan who are not civilian employees of the United States for the military, military or their family members. The manual also offers interlocutors for facilitators with questions, Adachi said. He said his office announced the publication of the new manual to all heads of organizations by email. However, he said access was only internal to the supervisors of naval corps bases.