Franchise Agreement Milk Tea

10.2. Trademark protection. We have the exclusive right to take measures that we deem appropriate, at our sole discretion, to preserve and protect the ownership and validity of trademarks, to apply for trademark registration and to enforce trademarks against third parties, but nothing in this agreement should be construed in such a way that we are under no circumstances required to take measures to protect or maintain our trademark rights. , or to prevent any intervention, injury, abuse or unauthorized use of trademarks, unless we may, at our sole discretion and judgment, deem it desirable. We use and allow you and other franchisees to use the marks only in accordance with the Barnie system and manuals, as well as the standards and specifications that under the basis of the goodwill of the brands and symbolized by them. 12.1. Voluntary transfers, in general. The deductible is for you (or your owners) and for the franchise, this contract (except in Section 12.6 with respect to the sale to a controlled company or partnership), the Store or its assets, the day-to-day management responsibilities for the operation of the Store in accordance with an administrative agreement or by other means, nor any part or all of your ownership shares may be voluntary. , be transferred over-the-counter, directly or indirectly by you or your owners (including, but not limited to the event of your death or that of your landlord, by will, declaration or transfer of trust or legal estate) (including, but not limited to one of your owners). , this agreement, the store or its assets, or some or all of you are the ownership shares. For those who are interested in building a successful life in independence while helping customers enjoy a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle, and I LOVE MILK TEA franchise is an exceptional business opportunity.

7.8. Granting security interests. As a guarantee for the payment of all the sums you pay us for what reason and for what reasons of execution and for the performance of all obligations you have to fulfill under this agreement, you here matter grant us a security interest for all your assets, including equipment, furniture and furniture and, replacements and replacements), whether owned or acquired below. , and all the recipes from the shop (the „collateral“). They ensure and ensure that the interest in security is and is present in all other security interests. You agree not to withdraw, transfer or incriminate the security or their parts without our prior written consent (except in the context of normal transactions). As a result of an event that allows us to terminate this contract or any other agreement between us, we have all the rights and remedies of a secure party, in accordance with the Single Code of Commerce of the State in which the Store is located, including, but not only the right to take possession of the guarantee. You agree to execute funding returns or other documents that we believe are reasonably necessary to improve our interest in guarantees within 10 days of receipt of such documents. For this franchise agreement model created below is complete or electronic cash flow forecasts.

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