Family Disagreements In The Bible

Proximity to family relationships complicates conflict management. If you are facing family conflicts, here are some general guidelines to follow: you can find all kinds of instructions in the Good Book – Bible verses on marriage and Bible verses about children and, yes, Bible verses about patience – to help you spend a lot of time with your family. Take comfort knowing that the answers to your daily loads are at your fingertips. Here, worms about the family. Family is important to God. This is why few things are more painful than unresolved family conflicts. Dominant in-laws, outliers or jealous stepchildren can turn any happy home into a war zone. Problems like who is dealing with removing garbage and whether your teenage daughter has done her homework before turning on the computer are annoying, but relatively small problems that can usually be solved with minimal interruptions to family life. There are few joys in this life that are compared to a harmonious family life. Fire dr.M. R. De Haan said, „The next thing that comes closest to heaven on earth is a happy Christian abode.“ At the same time, few things in the world are as stressful as a house full of arguments.

Solomon, with his 1000 wives and concubines, must have known what he was talking about, writing: „It is better to live in a corner of the roof than in a house shared with a belligerent woman“ (Prov. 25:24). A 17-year-old awakens the envy of his brothers. They plot against him and lock him in a well and plan to sell him as a slave. Your father is not indifferent to this deadly rivalry. He makes Joseph his favorite. Confusion, half-truths, lies and secrets destroy this family. And it takes decades for the seed of forgiveness to take root.

Each family is made by unique people in a unique context. Each one is unique and has its own vocation, which can be discovered over the years. God does not call us abstract. He does not write the family destiny as a gigantic architect. He has so much respect for liberal people that his goal is to wake up, to educate, without mortal obstacles. His plan: to form an alliance. He proposes to establish a personal and community dialogue, to form an individual and community alliance to move forward in his company.