Ar Agreement

No provision in this agreement should be construed as unlocking or other relief of its obligations or commitments under the current A/R sales contract or any of the contracts, deposit agreements, mortgages, guarantees or other credit-related loan documents that are carried out in connection with it. These terms of use (this „contract“) are a legal agreement between you and ROAR („ROAR,“ „we,“ „us“ or „our“) regarding the application of ROAR (the „ROAR app“) from which you downloaded: this agreement represents the entire agreement between you and us regarding the use of this ROAR application and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements and agreements between you and us regarding their purpose. Perhaps we need to change this agreement from time to time. In most cases, the reasons for these changes are to reflect legislative changes, meet regulatory requirements, or reflect new industry directions and codes. If we amend the agreement, we will post a message on the ROAR website to If you don`t want to accept the new contract, you can terminate that contract by removing the ROAR app. This agreement is related to your consent: it is the member`s responsibility to ensure that such agreements meet regulatory requirements and, if necessary, the company must obtain independent professional legal advice. BIBA has created a skeleton control agreement (to access, click here) in response to several member requests. This document was prepared on the basis of an initial agreement from Higos Insurance Services Ltd of Wells, Somerset, who gave their kind permission to produce in this format. We have the right to enforce this agreement by protecting the omission or to prevent or prevent any violation of property rights or other rights of third parties. Our failure to exercise or enforce a right or provision of this Agreement is not considered a waiver of that right or provision. By using the ROAR app to display digital content from our servers, you also send digital content you see on your device to our servers. You agree to grant us a worldwide license for non-exclusive, permanent, transferable, transferable, free, non-revocable international copying, editing and using other content you view using your device („User Generated Content“) to provide you with the ROAR service and for our general activities.

You hereafter acknowledge and agree that the use of the ROAR application and the ROAR service is sufficient consideration to grant us this license. They ensure, guarantee and commit to ensuring that user-generated content does not violate the rights of third parties (including intellectual property rights) and complies with all applicable laws. You must compensate ROAR and compensate ROAR for any loss resulting from claims or allegations that user-generated content violates all applicable laws and/or rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights) of third parties.